The Cholesterol Super-Brain
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The Cholesterol Super-Brain

Hidden secret to using your mind’s most essential nutrient for optimal brain health, faster thinking and a picture-perfect memory

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Your days of blind belief in every word your doctor says about cholesterol are officially over.

Cholesterol does NOT increase your risk of heart disease, as you have been told. And in my new exposé, you’ll learn something even more important…

Lowering your cholesterol — especially with the use of statin drugs — makes it FOUR times more likely you’ll experience memory loss… trouble focusing and learning… and even frightening episodes of amnesia — just like Dr. Duane Graveline did!

But that’s not all… Taking statins can harm your liver, trigger digestive problems, elevate blood sugar, crush your libido, damage your nervous system… and more!

Get your copy of The Cholesterol Super-Brain today and find out what mainstream medicine hopes you never do, including…

  • How cholesterol-lowering drugs hurt your brain in 3 different ways!
  • How vitamin D recharges your “feel-good” neurotransmitters in your brain — if you have enough cholesterol to produce it!
  • The essential mineral that’s annihilated by statin drugs — hurting your immunity… your vision… your sexual health… and even your sense of taste!
  • How lowering your cholesterol creates a catastrophic domino effect — leading to neurodegenerative diseases like MS!
  • How to safely and effectively reduce your risk of heart disease with 8 powerful, all-natural supplements — NOT statins!
  • And more!

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